What is Pressbooks?

Pressbooks is book production software that makes it easy to write, develop, and share your ideas. You can use Pressbooks to publish open educational resources, textbooks, scholarly monographs, fiction and non-fiction books, white papers, syllabi, and more.

Quickly publish your content to the web and produce exports in multiple formats, including accessible EPUBs and PDFs specially designed for print-on-demand or digital distribution.

FGCU Pressbooks Policy

The University Library Pressbooks platform is made available at no cost to current FGCU faculty and staff through the support from the Provost’s office.  To ensure the platform’s stability, sustainability, and success, we request that users adhere to the following policies and guidelines.

  • All FGCU faculty and staff are eligible to apply for a Pressbooks account. Because of our limited capacity, registrations will be approved on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • The University Library’s Pressbooks platform is intended for the creation of open educational materials that will be used in an FGCU course.
  • All authors are encouraged to attend a Pressbooks and Copyright/Creative Commons Licensing Workshop or consultation.
  • Users are encouraged to assign the most inclusive Creative Commons License available to their work. Contact a librarian with questions about licensing permissions.
  • We encourage users to maximize the accessibility of their published works. Read more about accessibility. Or check out the Pressbooks user guide Make Your Book Accessible and Inclusive.
  • All Pressbooks will be reviewed using the OER Review Standards and Approval Rubric: United States Edition. This review focuses on copyright, publishing, accessibility, cultural considerations, cost and impact, resource/subject alignment, and ethical use of data.
  • The University Library’s Pressbooks account will not assign ISBN numbers.
  • All content creators agree to deposit a PDF or other appropriate copy in Scholars Commons.
  • Users are responsible for managing their own Pressbooks accounts. Users who leave the University and wish to retain access to their accounts should make appropriate plans for transferring account ownership and files as necessary (read more about adding book collaborators and migrating files).
  • Users agree to stay within reasonable storage limits. Pressbooks is a publishing tool and not meant to be a repository or archive. Large media files and other original content should typically be hosted elsewhere, and linked to.
  • Policies and terms of use are subject to change.